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用拼音标哈:zei si

This is 是翻译成中文就是这个是若果你问的是 This is 的发音怎么说 音标是这个 s z要是不会音标的话,This is 的发音跟 “贼死 一死 ”差不多

用英语怎么说what is this in english?what's this in english?

To talk to him, I read it word for word.这个是对的

拼博go all out in doing加油cheermake an extra effortplay upput on steam努力make great effortstry hardendeavorexert oneselfhumpstrivestruggle


这是什么用英语怎么说? 这是什么英语: 这是什么 What is this

my是作主语的0- - 应该是This is me .

i say wish is that you and me can be together forever, this love has been called "no noone can replace it"

what is this. one classroom. a friend of mine.

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