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中文意思是:妈妈爱管儿子(Mother's son) 正确的写法:Mother love tube son 也可以读作:Mother son love tube

你看买来的器件 贴片元件是成卷包装的,dip封装的就是用一根管子包装的.所以是每管50个.每卷2500个.说白了就像买饼干,10块饼干装一盒,写成英文就是:1盒 of 10.

shei 特,发克,弟克,抱思,快泼,靠克,啊思,吗得发科,闭吃,扑西,瑞母照be


[图文] “Alot of the material is really mature,” Ms. Gardner said, talking about films by the New York branch I hid behind my mother and she hid beh I can still remember the first day when I met my best friend. I

我还没死呢,后面的骂人的(你妈的混蛋,gan ni niang 的)= =

Since I was young , my mother always took good care of me .I was verry happy I was born in a happy family. I love my father and mother are. Ever since I was young, although

fucking 该死的 pussy 不要脸 motherfucker 混账东西 连起来可以是 该死的混蛋 他妈的混蛋

你说的是The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son这首吧Born a poor young country boy, Mother Nature's sonAll day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyoneSit beside a mountain stream, see her waters riseListen to the pretty sound of music as she

does mother need a tube of toothpaste

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