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look out At什么意思

look out at 指向外看,at是介词 look out of: 1 当心, 提防 2 照料 3 寻找, 物色 4 等待

look out at注意看例句:1.We look out at what nature and God set down around us.我们看在我们周围的自然与神.2.Why do Robert Hughes and Peter Carey look out at the Hudson River, and not the Yarra?为什么罗伯特休斯和彼得卡蕾眺望哈德逊河,而不是亚拉?3.On the stairs, we paused halfway to look out at the garden.在楼梯上,我们在花园里停了一半.

look out v.面朝, 留神, 照料

look out of sth 向某物的外面看(比如window door 之类的)look out at sth 向外看某物(没有强调向什么外面看,只是看到了某物)

look out of后面加从哪里看look out at后面加看到的内容

look out 是"当心,注意,小心"的意思看窗户的外面是"look outside the window"

回答:基本意思:look at:看强调的是:看的一种状态:look out :小心!:look out of:向外看.look in:往里面看.look to:朝(某物)看去:面对(面朝)某物.这个动词短语用的较少.

look out for 英[luk aut f:]美[lk at fr] 意思是: 搜寻(某人或某物), 试图得到(某物); 留神提防; 语法点为for作为介词(寻找谁谁谁)1.表示“当作、作为”.如:i like some bread and milk for breakfast.我喜欢把面包和牛奶作为早餐.

look at 看着,后加对象,宾语. look at the cat look out 小心(后无宾语),往外看(后加at再加宾语如: look out of the window at the cat.) 精一锐,八佰伴校区老师回答,望采纳!


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