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ByE ByE ByE:lovEstonED中文翻译

歌手:Lovestoned曲目:lesson12-9when i see you 当我看到你looking back at me 回首看我时watching this eye still 依然注视这双眼眸do your fingers 你的手指and your eyes 你的眼睛have told thousands lights 应经告诉我千道光芒but i cant tell this

when i see you问 爱 C 有 looking back at me卢肯 百科 艾特 迷 watching this eye still哇请 热死 爱 死地饿 do your fingers读 哟儿 分割儿死 and your eyes俺的 哟儿 爱死 have told thousands lights海富 头额的 少森字 来此 but i cant tell this time巴特

when i see you 当我凝望你 looking back at me 你也回首看我 watching this eye still 彼此凝视 do your fingers 你是否感到我的爱 and your eyes have told thousands lights 在你的眼眸中有无数道光芒 but i cant tell this time what you really meant 但是此

ve been together forever tell me why why why 告诉我为什么我们不能永远在一起 tell me how could you turn around and say goodbye bye bye bye 告诉我怎样才能让你回头说晚安 and the only thing that',我会唱着伤心的歌曲 crying to hold on to your

when i see you当我看到你 looking back at me回首看我时 watching this eye still依然注视这双眼眸 do your fingers你的手指 and your eyes你的眼睛 have toldthousands lights曾经告诉我千道光芒 but i cant tell this time但我这次 what you really meant

《Bye Bye Bye》歌手:Lovestoned 所属专辑:《Rising Love》发行时间:2010-04-21歌词:When i see you, looking back at me 当我看到你回首看我时 Watching this eye still 彼此凝视 Do your fingers and your eyes 在你的眼眸中 你是否感到我

再见,再见 当我看到你,回头看看me.watching眼睛,你这仍然手指吗 和你的眼睛告诉数以千计lights.but我不知道这个时间了.你真的意味着什么. 我们已经跨越了电线,而且还没有sparks.lost在紧,四分五裂. 我们一直在一起,告诉我为什么

when i see you问 爱 C 有looking back at me卢肯 百科 艾特 迷watching this eye still哇请 热死 爱 死地饿do your fingers读 哟儿 分割儿死and your eyes俺的 哟儿 爱死have told thousands lights海富 头额的 少森字 来此but i cant tell this time巴特 爱 坎

will I see you 我是否能看到 looking back at me 你在我睡觉时 watching as I sleep透过手指间 through your fingers看着我 and your eyes你的眼睛 have told a thousand lies已经撒了无数次的谎 but I can tell this time但这次我能看出来 that you really

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