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A wAkE%up CAll 什么意思

a wake-up call1.(起床)叫醒电话(原意) eg:Could give me a wake-up call? 2.生活的警钟(引申意) eg:He says he it was a shock, and a wake-up call when the only work he could find was a low-paying restaurant job.

get a wake up call:被叫起床,例如 I was wondering if I could get a five-thirty a.m. wake up call.我想是否可以请您明天早上五点半叫我起床.

Hayden Panettiere Wake Up Call Song writers: N/A woo hoo hooo woo hoo hooo You don't buy me flowers You don't buy me drinks You don't drive me anywhere but totally insane We used to talk for hours until the night was through but recently your



My black backpack's stuffed with broken dreams Twenty bucks should get me through the week Never said a word of discontentment Thought it a thousand times but now I'm leaving home 我黑背包里全是梦的碎片 20块钱够我花一个礼拜 从来没有

警钟;叫醒服务;电话叫醒服务 叫醒电话 唤醒呼叫

都是唤醒服务,没啥区别吧 不过一般都叫morning call

这个是歌曲链接:kugoo://|Music|keke palmer - wake up call.mp3|4690982|6d00dc54ad357235cff21a4faedfa5b8|/狗狗的链接:这个是 歌词:Hey, just givin'


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