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优秀的英文:excellent excellent 英[ekslnt] 美[kslnt] adj. 优秀的; 卓越的; 杰出的; 太好了; [例句] 她一直因其优秀的短篇小说享有很高的声望.She has always had a high reputation for her excellent short stories 有如此优秀的研究可供参考,避开陷阱应该很容易.With such excellent studies available for consultation, it should be easy to avoid thepitfalls.

excellent commercial tenant

“优秀”用英语excellent /perfect.

excellent english 望采纳谢谢~~

优秀 excellent

1.You know some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright. 你知道,有些鸟儿是注定不会被关在牢笼里的,它们的每一片羽毛都闪耀着自由的光辉. 2.There is something inside ,that they can't get to , that they can't touch.

outstanding student leader或者excellent student cadre暑期实践先进个人prominent student in summer practice校奖学金college scholrship实习do a internship


gorgeous: 形容词,形容很漂亮很有气质的美女.很地道的说法.very beautiful very pretty

努力让自己变得更优秀.可翻译为: I will try hard to make myself a better person.

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