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It was sunny and very hot today. I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast. Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room. After a short rest I did my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming

English is more important now.But it is difficult for many students to study it.Now I make some suggestion,maybe can help you.First,you should take notes and take them here and there.When you're free,you can take them out and read it.Next,you

My family I love my family, because I have a happy family. My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What's my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you're right! My mother is very kind and nice

The Old Cat An old woman had a cat. The cat was very old; she could not run quickly, and she could not bite, because she was so old. One day the old cat saw a mouse; she jumped and caught the mouse. But she could not bite it; so the mouse got

争议初中英语小短文0Myschoolday Hi,I'mxxx.I'm13yearsoldandIstudyinxxxMiddleSchool.MyschoolisEverymorningIgetupatsevenandhavebreakfast.AndthenIgotoschoolathalfpastseven.Lessonsbeginateighto'clock.

1. Beijing---Capital of China Beijing is the capital of China.It's a large modern city with a long hostory.Beijing is also a city of tourism. Do you like Beijing?翻译: 北京是中国

不太确定小四的程度,这3篇是在网上找到的,自己有换过一些地方.希望能帮上(1)My father My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and some strangers whom he

I remember a holiday at noon, the sun baked the earth father moxibustion. Look! Cicadas, and other small animals are feebly cried: \u0026quot;dead heat, heat death,; those flowers have also sighed, and seems to have withered, the grass brother

绝对超过十篇,自己选,加分呀 我的暑假(MySummerVacation) Summertimeisthebesttimeoftheyear.ThereisnoschoolformonthsIgettodowhatIwant.Withnotestsnohomework,I'masfreeasabird. Idomanythingsduringthesummervacation.

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