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1.Dogs eat shit always 2.Playing too much, losing your will. 3.Mountain and river are easy to be changed, but not humanity. 4.Being red when close to red, otherwise black. 5.Never regard yourself as the center of the world.

He will never know, I love the person, always be him, was, is, and later too. Ace to just clam, I'll go to a translation nets inquires, watching English to the Chinese are not correct, nonsense, and uncertain don't speaking, 100% sure you came. Points right here, have skill you'll get it

Companies need to actively recruit relevant staff, good staff reserves to prevent brought by employees working out of the fault

1. I went to the Botanical Garden in Hangzhou.2. My aunt doesn't like to have lunch with others.3. I have never been to Suzhou Museum. I am going there with my mother this weekend.

"He used to learn today often trouble" this article, I decided to study harder, don't let parents down, do a good student, boy, and change yourself. Today he used to trouble learning ", this essay, I decided to study hard, don't let parents down, do a good student, boy, change yourself. 不好意思,看错了,这个是对的!

First of all, you can listen to the tapes to learn English, you can readbooks to learn English, or, you can also say that many Englishsentences to practice ventriloquism.

age是不是应该是ago?很久以前我就决定, 永远不要走进任何人的影子. 无论成功还是失败,至少我活出了真的自我

1. With the passing of time, my memory is worse and worse.2. With the help of the English teacher, I have made great progress in English.3. To some extent, I like the computer very much that I bought yesterday.4. With the help of the computer, you

This article is what I want to say to you that. You do not understand. Why do you always avoid me, or just pretend. Do I even have a common friend you do not mind if it? I did not force you, just waiting for you to form a state. Let me re-face the affection. Let us not hurt each other, continue to be good friends.

I have forgotten you ,don't come to interfere in my private concern.If the matter goes wrong because of you,I won't let you go!

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