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你好!叫polove 5 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

歌名:i could be the one 歌手:donna lewis i could be your sea of sand (我愿成为你宁静的港湾) i could be your warmth of desire (我愿成为你温暖的庇护) i could be your prayer of hope (我愿成为你希望的祈祷) i could be your gift to

come on baby演唱者:DJ嗨吧 come on baby 词曲:张萌萌 baby come on baby wo 鲜花的盛开 是你我许久的期待 oh baby 美丽的世界 是你我永恒的情怀 on baby 真的想再次亲吻你的血脉 让我疯狂使你迷惘 呼唤我的名字MY LOVE 火辣辣的眼神 象看透我掩饰的兴奋 oh baby 肌肤已贴近 心跳似枪炮声隆隆震 oh baby 你柔弱身躯承受我的力量 让我疯狂使你迷惘 呼唤我的名字MY LOVE come on come on come on come on baby you baby oh baby come on baby love you my darling oh

remind you - christopher you take my breath away with your naked body and i'm not the only one yeah, everyone thinks you're stunning it's the way that you smile when you look at the crowd,i can tell that you don't know that you're beautiful and you're

G-Dragon - Crayon 这首歌快手里蛮火的,不知道你说的是不是这首

Everybody hurts - Avril Lavigne Don't know 我不知道 Don't know if I can do this on my own 不知道,我是否可以一个人独处 Why do you have to leave me 为什么你非要离我而去 It seems that I'm losing something deep inside of me 似乎我心底的某

love you like a love song - Selena Gomez JB的前女友~ It's been said and done 一切都已尘埃落定 Every beautiful thought's been already sung 所有美妙的感觉几乎都被唱了出来 And I guess right now here's another one 我想 此刻又是一首爱

Watch Me Rise - Mikky EkkoWhen it's cold out when the night is stillAnd you're standing aloneI'll be racing when the lights go outAnd you're losing controlOh higher higher higher we goAnd tell me tell me are we close enough to test the sunThe sunOh

应该是:Come on barbie!Let's go party! Aqua乐队,"Barbie Girl"

rihanna的<s&m> 歌词如下:Na na na na Come on Na na na na Come on Na na na na na Come on Na na na na Come on,come on,come on Na na na na Come on Na na na na Come on Na na na na na Come on Na na na na Come on,come | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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